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Home prices increasing

 Both the expectation for home prices and the percentage of those who think the U.S. Economy is on the right path reached record heights in Fannie Mae´s April 2012 National Housing Survey. Americans continue to expect home prices to go up, with the projection averaging 1.3percent over the next twelve months.
This was published on  this week. (full article here )

Now, you may say ¨what has this to do with Spanish property market¨? Well let us go back to 2007 – 2008. When the U.S. Were the first hit by crisis, and quickly the house prices started falling. Spain was the first European country to follow with falling house prices. Later, in 2009, Northern European press picked this up and started writing about the Spanish Property Bubble. By then, many homes have already lost 20%. 

Spanish home prices.

The Spanish house prices are still under a lot of pressure, as there are still too much houses for sale. But this can come so a sudden change. Property prices are extreme low. Buyers out of the euro zone can now buy a property even much cheaper due to the low euro rate. And interest rates are still low. Enough conditions to say it could change? 

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