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More people buying in Spain

 Prices for single family homes climbed in half of U.S. Cities in the first quarter of 2012 as real estate markets stabilized. Another article about US home prices. A positive article on Bloomberg website this week. The full article on Bloomberg website .

To continue to our previous article about home prices in Spain , the Spanish situation has not changed. Yet. But there is a lot of interest and people are buying homes in Spain. Right now, today and tomorrow. Meaning a large number of individuals have faith, trust the market has reached the bottom. And right now these buyers are taking advantage of the crisis. The number of good properties for sale is large as well. But the number of good properties for sale will decline. As there are not that many good properties. So our advise, if you have been dreaming to buy and still hazitate. ACT NOW. This is the time to have the greatest choise and achive the best prices.

Don´t forget that the US were the first hit by crisis and falling prices, followed by Spain. Now the US is recovering, how long will it take for Spain to start recovering?  

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