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More and more US news, home prices show the strongest gain in 6 years. Full article DSNews . Will Spain follow? See our previous article 1  and article 2  about this. We agree the circumstances are not the same as in the US. But the real estate market on the Costa del Sol can not really be compared to the Spanish national property market.

International real estate market Costa del Sol 

On the Costa del Sol is a seperate international real estate market. With different houses, different clients, and therefor different prices. But due to being in Spain, the prices will go up, or will go down, with the National market. To visualize it, imagine the National market as a huge airballoon and the International real estate market as a little balloon, attached with a wire. The huge balloon can move the small one up or down, but the small balloon can also move partly independently. What we see now, is a larger group of overseas buyers making the right decision. To buy a property in Spain, right now. We believe that today´s buyers are those who really buy on the bottom of the market.

Don´t forget that the US were the first hit by crisis and falling prices, followed by Spain. Now the US is recovering, how long will it take for Spain to start recovering?

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